While many of us are READY to celebrate CNY with their beloved family at hometown, LCP Buildsoft Technology does not even forget to curate smile and pay a visit to the people who are no longer with their beloved and most unfortunate at this old folk home.

This year 2018, our company selected TIAM YAM TOH TENG (Old folks’ home) on 10th of February 2018 together with our team members happily bought a new set of clothes and pants for every dearly and some and pow and mandarin orange with hearty vegetarian lunch.

We are pleased to be part of the people who brings smiles and joy to them and indeed this program was really eye-opening and awakening. We would like to thank Tiam Yam Toh Teng team members too for paying great tribute in taking care of all of the tenants all this while and we hope everyone keeps being happy and stays healthy together.

Organised By: LCP Buildsoft Technology
Special Thanks To : Alex Lee Guang Ming, Oswald Sin Chee Ho, Ahmad Afnan and Our Families